Organic cotton panty liner




This organic cotton panty liner made from natural fibers will be perfect for you if you are more sensitive to dyes. It’s not waterproof, so change more often for a dry skin effect.

use :

For daily discharges



First, we took 2 layers of organic cotton to make this organic cotton panty liner.

!!! This panty liner is NOT waterproof !!!

Finally, the panty liner is held in place with high quality metal snaps.

Washing instructions :

Soak for five minutes in lukewarm water and rinse under running water. Then scrub with  laundry soap or stain remover soap and wash by hand or machine. Do not use fabric softener to prevent absorption. And bleach can alter colors. You can wash / dry at medium heat, but the dryer decreases the life of all fabrics, so if you can hang to dry it will be better, but not essential.

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